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Management and servicing

We are leading distressed debt manager and investor across the CEE and SEE region.
We provide a full range of portfolio operations from third-party servicing and management for institutional investors to buying of whole portfolios.

We Manage

We’re ready to involve our debt recovery infrastructure of over 300 recovery    specialists to manage portfolios for the benefit of our clients. We work for  independent investors managing whole portfolios and also for companies requiring third-party servicing.

Services of Debt Recovery:

We can manage the whole recovery process required for institutional investors and integrate our services into client operations

Mortgage Management & Recovery




Car Repossession


Receivables Advisory


Economic Reports


Debt Recovery

Our infrastructure gives us the ability to efficiently manage large volumes of corporate and retail debts. We are prepared to service secured as well as and unsecured debts.

Debt Recovery Tools:

Field Collection


Legal Collection


Skip Tracing


Call Centre Collection


Debt Provider Portfolio

We’re an experienced distressed debt portfolio provider with a track record of 88 successfully managed portfolios. We’re able to buy corporate and retail loans, both secured and unsecured and can mobilise funding for large transactions with a nominal value over €1 billion and are ready to add smaller portfolios into our current activities in the region

We can provide full service throughout the entire life cycle of the investment, from origination and acquisition to the management phase.